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NeutralRO Download & Installation

Getting Started

Please click the link above to download the NeutralRO Patcher. Install into your RO directory (by default this is D:/your-NeutralRO/Folder) and run the patch client - then you're ready to play! If you have any problems with installation, please ask for help on the server forums. Common troubleshooting problems are addressed below, so if read through them first!

  • Specific Error: Unable to Find binkw32.dll?

Lacking kRO Necessary Files

Errors relating to binkw32.dll and similar are very common issues - these occur when you are not using a proper kRO client or mean that you are lacking the kRO necessary files. You can download these files HERE - extract into your RO folder.

  • Specific Error: kRO Crashes While Patching?

Too Many Updates

If you have not updated kRO in a long time, you'll often find that your patcher crashes before the process is complete. This is usually due to downloading a large volume of patches at once, or file corruption. The best solution is generally to download the newest version - which are available from The current most up-to-date version of kRO is 0305.

  • Specific Error: Init d3d or GRF Problem?

Setup Conflicts

This error means that RO is not detecting your graphics card or drivers. Open Setup.exe in your RO folder and set the first two drop down menus to correspond with your computer video card and screen resolution (they must not be blank). This error can also arise when you are attempting to use 24 bit color - the correct setting is 16 bit colour.

  • Installing Over Another Server?

Installation Conflicts

If you have previously installed any other servers to the same folder as NeutralRO, delete their files (most specifically the data folder or grf, which will likely be called [servername].grf), as these can cause conflicts. If you are not sure which files to delete, it's recommended that you perform a clean installation of kRO. These can be found at RateMyServer.

WoE - (4 Days/Week) 20:00
Baby WoE - (3 Days/Week) 20:00
KoE - (Everyday)18:00

BumbleBee Bag
PRICE: 300 nRO Coins

Furry Gold Coat
PRICE: 300 nRO Coins

Arcangel Balloon
PRICE: 300 nRO Coins

Bubble Aura
PRICE: 250 nRO Coins

Falling Blossom
PRICE: 250 nRO Coins

Gears Wing
PRICE: 250 nRO Coins

Sizuka Wing
PRICE: 250 nRO Coins

GM Cart
PRICE: 250 nRO Coins